Teacher of The Year: Peter Poletti

As a teacher that rose up above the rest, Mr. Poletti deserves the title.

Teacher of The Year: Peter Poletti

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

Teacher of the year award is given out once a year to the teacher who is voted to be shown the most influential in the school.  This year the teacher awarded with this title was Mr. Peter Poletti. Poletti is a Spanish teacher here at Fivay and is also in charge of the photography club. 

To be given this award is a huge accomplishment for any staff member.  Poletti’s fellow peers believed that he has been doing a great job of being a huge role in the school and the students’ lives. Poletti tells us how he feels about his peers choosing him makes him feel. 

“I feel honored to be appreciated for the hard work that we do day in and day out,” Poletti said, “We have a great teaching staff at Fivay, and to have been selected among that many awesome teachers is pretty amazing”. 

Becoming Teacher of the year gives teachers the satisfaction that they are working hard in other people’s lives. Knowing that your doing good in someone’s life is a great reward but he also gets his own private parking spot as a bonus.


“ The personal satisfaction of doing what I love is the reward.” Poletti says “We deal with all sorts of situations on a daily basis. Seeing our students be successful and helping them achieve what they have set up for is an outstanding award”. 


Poletti may have gotten the award but he feels it was more so because of his students. Students are sending him thank you letters for being such a great mentor and role model. He has always been working hard to make sure students get what they need.