SRP of The Year: Anette Burger

Being someone on the SRP staff really takes time and dedication. We want to thank Anette Burger for all the hard work she has done for our school.

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SRP of The Year: Anette Burger

Kaitlyn Rose, News Writer, News Editor

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We welcome Fivay’s new SRP of the year, Anette Alves-Burger. She is one of the school-related personnel that went above and beyond to help student and other staff members. She shone through and showed her dedication and devotion she has to help.

   Burger is the Disciplinary for the Freshmen class of 2023. Her hard work and dedication to work with new freshmen have been tremendous this school year. Being a Disciplinary is a hard job to take on and she is perfect for the job. 

 She wasn’t quite expecting the award, but when she received it she couldn’t be more proud. 

   “I felt surprised and shocked at the same time,” Burger said, “It’s honestly a pretty cool feeling and you have to work hard to make a difference.” 

Having someone like Burger on the staff team at Fivay has really made a big difference. Not only does she have the dedication to help students she also wants to make sure the school is doing the best it can. By doing all this she is leaving a greater impact on Fivay than what most think.

Sometimes it’s a shocking thing, to think people actually appreciate the things you do. Running the freshmen hallway can be hard sometimes, especially with all the new students and changes. It’s definitely a job for someone who really has the dedication.