The Purpose of the Gallup Polls

Every year students are asked to take a survey that asks them how the school is doing and how students feel when at school. This leaves many students left asking what the actual purpose of the Gallup Poll survey is.


C.J. Savastano, News Writer

   Each year students are asked to take a survey called The Gallup Poll. The Gallup Poll surveys students on a variety of subjects. They ask various things about the school, its staff, and their individual experiences. But many are left confused by the poll, wondering about its purpose.

   “The purpose of the Gallup Poll is to gather information from the students,” Kevin Smith said. “On their engagement in school, their hope for the future, their entrepreneurial aspiration, and their knowledge of career and financial literacy.”

   This way, staff can get a grasp on how to shape the Fivay experience, for high school, college, life, and work.

   “The questions are all related to student opinions on school,” Smith said. “This poll is given to help the school gain anonymous feedback to improve the culture and climate of the school.”

   The school will be shaped to accommodate everyone’s needs in the classroom, making sure everyone is able to learn efficiently in a safe school environment, along with their futures, discussing career paths and encouraging them to pursue further education.

   “Students will take the poll on October 17th or 18th depending on their English class,” Smith said. “They should take the poll once a year.”

   With this Gallup Poll, all of Fivay’s students can anonymously help shape the future of the school. It will help further improve on classes, counseling, safety, and policies. Along with that, it can help outside of Fivay by getting students life, career and college ready.

   “These years will greatly influence our lives,” Francesca Fiorito said. “Schools should be involved, caring, and considerate; both in school and at home. We need to dedicate more time and resources to solving problems such as these. It’s important for us to evaluate the perspectives of our entire community here at Fivay.”

   This is exactly where the survey comes in to help. Students’ feelings vary on a variety of school and life-related subjects, and this is the time and opportunity that they have to voice their opinion.

   “Everyone is anxious about their future sometimes,” Fiorito said. “As long as you prioritize your success and set aside time to achieve them, you’ll be alright.”

    Fivay is alongside its students to ensure their success, making them life, career, and college ready.