JV Baseball Team Hits a Home-run This Season

This years JV baseball team has very high chances of being undefeated this season. They won their first game and hope to win the next.

Kiaralis Santiago, Sports Writer

  The Fivay Highschool JV baseball team had a game this past Wednesday night. It was a home game against Central highschool. The JV baseball team believed they are going to do absolutely amazing this game. 

The baseball team has a very high chance to be an undefeatable team, they also can make their JV records even better. But it’s not just about practicing every day it’s also about getting to know your team and having a passion for baseball.

“My favorite thing about baseball is getting up on the plate, like I own it and taking the best swings I can,” Sebastion Ortiz (‘23) said, “When the ball gets hit to you, you have to make sure to stay down on the ball so it does not take any type of bad hops.’’ 

 Not only does their love for baseball play a role in their lives, it often tends to go to younger siblings. 

 “[I] love to watch my younger siblings play baseball with me at home because it’s cool to watch them grow up into young baseball players.’’ Bryton Williams (‘23) said. 

Players say they have a great connection with all the team members. This makes them better on the field. Anthony Vanvleit (‘23) is a player that believes you have to know your teammates to succeed.

‘”Throwing people out really gives you and the team a rush of excitement,” Vavleit mentioned,  “It’s not easy to throw people that steal out and when you do it really fires them up. [This team] is like a family to me and I can’t wait to to play more games and get more wins”

Fivay JV baseball team is a fantastic team and is always ready for there next game. Thanks to the help of support from one another they’re always ready to defeat the other team.