Halloween Horror Nights or Howl O’ Scream: Which Theme Park Should You Go to This Halloween Season?

Although there are many places in Florida to go to get a good scare, the decision usually boils down to Howl O' Scream or Halloween Horror Nights.

Halloween Horror Nights or Howl O' Scream: Which Theme Park Should You Go to This Halloween Season?

Zoe Coats, Opinion Writer, Opinion Editor

As October rounds the corner and all things spooky and scary take over the next 31 days, tickets for haunted houses begin being sold as well. With so many options available on the market, it’s not easy to choose where your money will be best placed in order to get the most fright for your dollar. 

  As people who live in Florida with many theme parks that transform into zombie lands and chainsaw-wielding arenas, the obvious options fall in Busch Gardens Hallowscream and Universal Studio’s infamous Halloween Horror Nights. Each theme park has its own perks, but Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is without a doubt the best-haunted house to get a scare at. 

To begin, the haunted houses at Halloween Horror Nights do not begin to compare to Hallowscreams houses. Haunted houses at HHN are intricate and tell a story throughout the whole walkthrough with the carefully placed props and incredibly detailed makeup worn by the actors. 

Universal Studios HHN’s staff is sure to give guests the best experience and only a limited amount of people are allowed to walk through the house at a time to be scared in order to ensure that the actors had time to get back in place to scare the next group and that every group doesn’t see the scaring coming. 

The biggest difference between Halloween Horror Nights and Hallowscream to me would have to be the quality of the scare zones. The scare zones at Hallowscream are short and not as extravagant, whereas Halloween Horror Nights scare zones are staffed with many actors ready to scare anyone who just walks through with a set theme for each area.

These scare zones stretch from one end of the street to the other and music blasts making to mood more intense and actors find the people that look the most scared and target them, making the experience all the more memorable form those being scared and their friends who find the humor in their friends being scared. During this Halloween season, when considering which haunted house to attend, Halloween Horror Nights is the way to go.