How Students at Fivay Are Kicking Off Their Halloween Season

How Students at Fivay Are Kicking Off Their Halloween Season

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

 It’s the start of October and people are already all over Halloween. The holidays are a fun time for any family but Halloween is a different kind of fun, a mischievous kind of fun. Often times it’s way for students to have fun with friends and family, and as a bonus get candy.

  “I think Halloween is a cool holiday, pretty fun.” Mickayla Jones said.

 “Halloween is pretty cool,” Connor Rodgers said, “It’s good for children but it’s pretty weird for older people to do”

   Many people enjoy halloween because it’s one of the days they can really express themselves.

 “It’s one of my favorite holidays,” Lexi Dukes said, “It’s the day I most look forward to. It’s the one night of the year where I can dress up like a weeb. I think they are pretty cool, I like seeing people in all sorts of different costumes.”

People like enjoying time with family and there’s a variety of ways. Many people have traditions like carving pumpkins or dressing up and going trick or treating. Most of the time people try to make holidays special to them by adding a twist. 

 “Staying home and having a Marathon of horror movies and eating candy,”Duke said. “And how this happened,I don’t know really, I just think its fun to do, also I like scaring the crap out of myself”

Students can’t wait to kick off this Halloween season. But they really can’t wait to kick back and enjoy a few old traditions.