Should the Weather Be In the School News?

With the weather not being in the school news, it often times leaves students having to make last minute arrangements when the weather isn't nice. Should Fivay include a daily weather forecast in the morning news?

Racheal Kanaris, Opinion Writer

For Fivay High school, some students have been curious as to why in the school news, no weather gets shown or talked about. Going over the weather in the morning for the school news could be beneficial for many reasons. But is it needed, or a waste of time? 

I think that the weather should be played. It could be beneficial for numerous reasons, those being that students after school that have practice or are staying after, instead of hearing last minute before the bell rings, “Football practice is cancelled today due to rain” you can know beforehand. Students that need rides and can get a heads up that it may rain. Or even the smallest things for teachers even, like remembering you left your car windows down and it’s going to pour within the next few hours. 

Those being two big reasons, that can happen any day, it’s important for students to be educated about something that’s actually going to happen. How often do students watch the news? Or care about the weather? Knowing how the weather may be, can alternate the rest of how your day is going to go. Of course, talking about the weather could be super beneficial to those that have practice for a sport after school. And for those that think it’s useless and a waste of time, regardless, there will be somebody who is curious about the weather, and paying attention. It’s a win-win with no harm, besides an extra few minutes added to discuss.

That being said, including the weather in the school news could help both students and teachers, and in a way, potentially get kids more involved on what’s going on.