The Benefits of Getting the Day After Halloween Off.

With the many reasons that cause students to not show up to school the day after Halloween, students should get that day off.

Brianna Terry, Opinion Writer

Halloween is a night of fun but also involves staying out later than usual. Students should be given the opportunity to have the next day off. Since 2016, according to the Gregorian calendar, Halloween has fallen on a weekday. Halloween on a weekday has been known to mess with students sleep.  High school students still enjoy your average Halloween traditions such as parties, trick-o-treating, watching movies, and going around scaring people. 

“Each one of us are going to spend the night out with our families, little siblings, have a night of fun, and we should be able to stay out as long as possible” Katherine Ballard (21’) said. “It would help increase the activity of the work flow in the classroom because it will let us experience more sleep and more joy on the day after Halloween”

Having the next day off can be very beneficial. Students wouldn’t have to worry about getting sleep, could stay up later, and cause less of a distraction in school. Often time people spending time with family on Halloween and have to cut family time short due to having to wake up early the next day.

 “Well every year I take my siblings trick or treating so they can have a joyous experience like I do every year,” Ballard said, “Yes and no, yes because it would allow us a certain time to return home and help to keep our parents safe at mind but no because I believe we should have a certain freedom to ourselves.”

Students should be granted the day after Halloween off. The students suffer from not having enough sleep, when students don’t get enough sleep they tend to not focus. A lot of students have younger siblings that they take out and then do their own stuff therefore they’re out late and tired afterwards. Halloween is a night of fun but students also deserve a day of rest.