Fivay’s Baseball Team Steps up To the Plate

Fivay's Baseball team has high hopes for this season.

Fivay's Baseball Team Steps up To the Plate

Nicky Iovino, Sports Editor, Sports Writer

The Baseball team should be looking good this season with a lot of new players and a new coach for the Falcon’s baseball team, last year they had a pretty solid season but are expecting to be even better this year. With this new coach, the Falcons believe they can make it to the district championship again this year. Last year the Falcons’ baseball team lost in the last round of the championship and although it was a tough loss they plan on coming back better and stronger than ever for this season. 

“I’m excited for this season,” Billy Young (‘21) said, “I feel like we are going to have a really good year, and this year I am playing catcher and first base. I’m going to try and be a good leader and help out everyone on the team if they need help and help the younger guys if they need it.” 

Players feel confident in themselves and their team. They enjoy helping out each other and learning from one another. 

“I’m playing shortstop this year and I want to try and help out the team and be a better leader to better us as a team,” Erik Scott (‘21) said, “I’m going to help out the players, and the coaches to help better the team this year.” 

Much of the team has high expectations for this season. They are looking forward to doing well and beating the teams they lost to last year. The players can’t help but get excited about the upcoming season.

“I’m excited about this season because I think it will be a better season than last year because last year we made it all the way to the district championship and lost,” David Dubiel (‘20) said, “So we are looking forward to getting our revenge. To play differently from last year I am going to put in a lot more work in the off-season than I did last year, and I am going to be there more for the team unlike last year due to my suspension I missed a few games” 

These 3 leaders on the Falcons’ baseball team expect the team to do good and play well as a team this year. They are all really confident in their team and know they will do good this year as long as they play like they have been practicing in the off-season.