Top 5 Haunted Houses You Should Go to

Top 5 Haunted Houses You Should Go to

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

 What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions Halloween? You might think about trick or treating or watching Halloween movies or maybe even partying, but to all of you who thought about scary haunted house attractions, you’re at just the place!

   1.’Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park-Although it’s a small place it’s popular for having an affordable price to just go and have fun looking at the uniquely costumed actors with decently priced food and drinks!

   2.’Haunted Angelus- Known for their amazingly scary but fun Haunted houses and hayride along with its dancers and live music which creates a very joyful atmosphere even though the place is quite small!

   3.’Howl-O-Scream-as always Busch Gardens knows just how to create a festive atmosphere, with its spooky actors and creatures, and Scary Haunted houses, and its very thrilling rides, along with its live music!

   4.’ Sir Henry’s Haunted Trail’ now let’s switch it up a bit, although it’s not a haunted house and very small, it’s still very spooky with 3 different scary trails to experience laser tag, and an escape room you can try out!

   5.’Mortem Manor Haunted Attraction’ to end it all off is known for its amazing jump scares, awesome customer service, and scary revolutionary animatronics plus it’s open all year round so you can enjoy it even after this scary holiday passes!

   I hope you get a chance to visit all these attractions as they’re all quite the experience to enjoy and get spooked plus I’m sure you all will have a breathtaking and thrilling time at each one of these haunted houses and trail.