The Inside Scoop on Info Night

The Inside Scoop on Info Night

Chloe Lynne, News Writer

On October 24th, there will be a Junior Parent Information Meeting. Students and parents will discuss quarter 1 report cards, graduation plans, graduation and testing requirements, and next steps for Juniors to take. This event will take place at the Fivay cafeteria at 6 pm. 

      The 18 credit and 24 credit graduation plans will be discussed during this meeting, as well as testing requirements for graduation. 

      “18 and 24 credit graduation plans will be discussed. We will also focus on the testing requirements (Reading and Algebra) and explain options that students have to take those assessments. We will go through the actual report card and explain what everything means and its importance”, Kristen Martanovic said. 

       The Junior grade level quad will also be there to discuss these subjects. This includes Kristen Martanovic, Tim White, Dave Eliason, and Brian Scoville. There will also be teachers present. 

       Students and parents are recommended to attend the Junior Parent Information Meeting so that they can be informed on the important information that is going to be discussed. 

        “This is a great opportunity for parents and students to hear important information regarding graduation. These juniors only have 7 quarters remaining until graduation, that is not much time! Our goal as a grade level quad is to have every junior on track before they begin their senior year at Fivay”, Martanovic said. 

         Students and parents that will be attending should RSVP to this event because dinner will be provided and the student’s report card will be handed out. 

         “We are asking for parents (or students) to RSVP to the event for two reasons. First and most importantly, we will be providing dinner and want to make sure we have enough food and drink. Second, parents and students will receive a folder when they arrive with the student’s report card and graduation plan. This will help them follow along with the presentation and have their own copies”, Martanovic said. 

            All juniors and their parents are encouraged to go so they can discuss these important subjects. This is a great way for juniors to make sure that they are successful and life, career, and college ready.