Halloween or Christmas

By the time Halloween comes around, many people are tempted to drop everything and start celebrating Christmas. The debate still continues as to which one is better.

Halloween or Christmas

Brianna Terry, Opinion Writer

Christmas and Halloween, polar opposites but both are popular. Which one do you choose? While Halloween focuses on monsters and candy, Christmas focuses on family and presents. Both are liked by high school students but why do they prefer one over the other?  

“It’s cold and my favorite thing to do on Christmas is eating cookies,” Romeo Rusnak (21’) said. “Presents, cookies, Santa and family make Christmas better than Halloween, falling off the roof and hitting a turkey.”  

While these are all great things others disagree and prefer Halloween. Halloween is a holiday where you can dress up as pretty much anything you want and not be judged. You can also walk around door to door getting candy. High schoolers see this as an opportunity to scare people.

“[My favorite part would probably be]Scaring little kids and dressing up,” Colden Teegarden (‘21) said, “Eating candy is my favorite thing to do on Halloween.”

 “Dressing up with my cousin as Dora and Diego [is my favorite part]” Isaiah Jaggers (22’) said.

Everybody has their own traditions for these holidays, and some people prefer Halloween over Christmas, or Christmas over Halloween. These were just a few student’s opinions choosing between the two and why they chose what they did. Whether you like Halloween or Christmas you’re still making priceless memories. Enjoy the little things in your life while you still can.

“Eating candy and dressing up are the things that make Halloween better than Christmas,” Teegarden said.

X-Mas or Halloween?

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