Top 5 Halloween Candy

Top 5 Halloween Candy

Chloe Blanton, News Writer

As Halloween comes around, many people need to know what candies are best to get to hand out to trick or treaters. There are many to choose from, which makes it hard to pick which ones to get. Here are some of Fivay’s top 5 favorite Halloween candies:

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups- It’s a classic and is many people’s favorite choice of candy. With the mixture of peanut butter and chocolate, it’s a delicious choice of candy. It’s perfect for peanut butter lovers and chocolate lovers. Not only is it delicious because of the peanut butter and chocolate, it also comes in many shapes as the Halloween season comes around. It comes in pumpkin shapes and ghost shapes which is a perfect way to set the mood for Halloween.

 “It’s one of my favorites because of the peanut butter”, Lexi Ramirez said.        

         2. M&M’s- This one is a fan favorite because of its crunchy outer shell and the milk chocolate in the middle. The outer shell makes it so that it doesn’t melt in your hand, only in your mouth, so it’s easy to eat and perfect for trick or treaters to snack on as they are going to the next house for candy. M&M’s come in different sizes and also has many different flavors such as peanuts, peanut butter, caramel, and the classic milk chocolate.

“M&M’s are one of my favorites because they are small, easy to carry, and easy to eat”, Samantha Proctor said. 

        3. Skittles- This one is another favorite because of the many different fruit flavors that it has. It comes in many different colors and amazing fruit flavors that kids love. Skittles also do not melt in your hand as you eat it. The variety of colors and flavors make this candy fun to eat.

        4. Kit-Kats- are also another favorite. This candy is a favorite because of the way that the chocolate and the cookie wafer are together. These are also fun to eat because you can break off each piece individually. With the perfect amount of chocolate covering the wafer cookie it’s a delicious candy to choose. 

“These are one of my favorites because of the wafer cookie”, Ramirez said. 

        5. Twix- This one is a perfect biscuit cookie with caramel and covered in chocolate. It has just the right amount of caramel and chocolate, making it perfect for caramel and chocolate lovers. With the mixture of the chocolate, the caramel, and the biscuit cookie, it is perfectly sweet. These are also fun to eat as you can choose what side you can eat, right or left.

 “These are one of my favorites because it is fun to peel and eat and it is also great because of the caramel”, Proctor said.