Top 5 Overrated Halloween Candy

People seem to like these candies a little too much.

Top 5 Overrated Halloween Candy

Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

 Kids, teens and even adults can appreciate the good candy trick or treaters get. But some of it is not very good and is kind of overrated. 

 Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum- The small normally pink gum. Even though this gum is very popular, not many people like it.It has no flavor and the flavor it does have is gone within a minute of chewing. There are multiple flavors although the one you see most on Halloween is original flavor. It is overall chalky but in a strange way also very sticky to the touch.

 Tootsie Rolls- Not quite chocolate, it’s actually not chocolate at all! It is a chocolate like taffy. This candy is a has a 2-year long expiration date and was created in the early 1900’s. Although it is overly chewy, it is prone to getting stuck in the teeth of the people who enjoy it. However, they are hugely popular and 64 million pieces are made a day.

 Dots-  The five flavored candy that are found in movie theaters all over the country. The iconic yellow box holds the small sugary undelightful candy that overall not many people are thrilled by. 

Most people as they have grown up have learned that the texture and mild flavor of the sticky candy is not something they particularly enjoy after a long night of walking around.

Candy Corn- The overall most likeable yet the most overrated halloween candy. These bite size pieces are actually called candy corn because as you stack them up they resemble a cob of corn. They come in multiple flavors such as original, peanut butter cup, and caramel. However, it is sort of bland and some of the more adventurous flavors are not good.

Almond Joy- The almond and coconut based candy covered in milk chocolate. So if you don’t like those things this is not for you. There are also mounds which is a very close friend consisting of the same things except for it doesn’t have almonds. This candy has a slimy consistency and Is very thin chocolate so it is overpowered by coconut and the crunch of the almond is a weird texture difference.