Halloween TikTok trends

TikTok seems to be a growing platform with many different trends, including spooky ones.

Halloween TikTok trends

Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

TikTok. A social media platform which some refers to as Vine 2, if it was good. Full of funny trends and exciting people. It gets even funnier and the people get even more exciting during the spooky season (known as October), and the trends pile on. But what are the most popular TikTok trends for the spooky season?

  3. Haunted TikTok- Currently on the for you page, is something people refer to as “Haunted TikTok”. As it sounds it is people doing weirdly “haunted” things. Some cosplay as horror-themed characters or people performing cultish looking rituals in their dining rooms. Even though this trend has no defining audio associated with it, songs from older movies such as the Polar Express and the Harry Potter are widely popular. Although it’s Halloween trend, it seems to associate with Christmas way too much.

  2. Spooky Scary Skeleton Dance- We all know the popular Halloween song Spooky Scary Skeletons. This trend is a very limby dance that actually began before the spooky season came along. TikTokers do this trend to show off the wide range of skills they have either following the true dance or creating one of their own. TikTok user @autumnsklein, @Keondrak and even some of Ellen Degeneres staff have partaken in this trend. 

1. Beetlejuice Makeup Challenge- This challenge is one of the most popular trends on TikTok. It entails doing special effects makeup or Beetlejuice inspired makeup and LED lights. When the singer changes from Beetlejuice to Lydia the lights are meant to flash showing the makeup underneath the makeup. Sounds weird right. The key is to use the closest colors that you can to your lights and then the makeup you would use for Beetlejuice would disappear showing Lydia. It’s an epic way to begin on TikTok.

   Overall TikTok trends are a fun way to make friends and have fun, especially during the spooky season. Happy Halloween