High Hopes For a 7-3 Season Ending

The football team is hoping to get into the playoffs, but in order to make it they need a 7-3 win.

Nicholas Iovino, Sports Editor, Sports Writer

Do you think the Falcons can finish 7-3 and make it to the playoffs? The Fivay Falcon’s football team is currently 5-3 and haven’t ever been 7-3 since 2011. 

They are currently 9th in the playoff bracket but need to make it to 8th to be in the playoffs. The falcon’s still have Land O’ Lakes and Hudson High School on their schedule. Most of the players think these should be easy wins but don’t ever want to overlook one of their opponents. 

“We are just focused on land O’ lakes the mentality has to be win one game at a time.” Coach Durchik said, “If we stay focused on each week’s opponent, the playoffs will take care of themselves. The team is an ever evolving and improving group of young men, each year brings new challenges and I am Pleased how we have responded since the Wesley Chapel Loss.” 

Bryan hair the quarterback is looking forward to playoffs

“I believe we have a great chance at finishing the season 7-3 and making it to the playoffs, but it really depends on if we keep winning games and how our opponents do and how our opponents, opponents do,” Bryan Hair (‘20), “I am going to continue to work my hardest at practice and go week by week. I will play to the best of my ability and to keep a positive mindset so we can keep winning games. I am going to go into these next few games with a positive attitude and to just be able to do the best I can do at my position.” 

Nazavious Williams (‘20) is a transfer from St Pete and is glad he can play with the Falcons and is currently number one in all of Pasco. 

“I think Fivay can make it to the playoffs if we really put our minds to it,” Williams said, “My mindset will be focused and furious going into these next couple of games to end my senior year, and I will play to the best of my ability. I am going to train hard every day except for Sundays because those are my rest days. I will finish the season with a mindset to where I think every game is a playoff game.” 

The team seems to have high expectations for the end results. They are hoping to overcome their opponents and make it to playoffs.