Quarterlies Impact Fivay With Importance

Every year teachers and students take quarterlies which can stress them out but it also prepares them for finals.


Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

 Quarterlies are taken all over Pasco county. It’s a test that students have to take every quarter. They check to see what parts of the standards the kids need to know to pass their grade. The tests help us improve and grow. They are very important for schools because they help everyone keep up with the states standards. 

 “We have quarterlies to assess information we’ve been learning to make sure the students have been taught.” LaFawn Banks said, a substitute teacher at Fivay high school. 

 “We have them to show our progress” said Chris Sorgaard.  

 The quarterly is a review to make sure that students are where they are supposed to be and make sure they are on target. 

“It tests prepare students for FSA’s because it adds stress to the students and teachers ,the quarterlies could affect your grades, but if its good or bad depends on how you perform.” said Banks. “We shouldn’t be tested more often because we already test enough as it is.”

  Teachers have more stress because when students have quarterlies, it shows what they need to work on when it comes to teaching. Most students don’t like taking any test in general but they help everyone stay on top of learning.  Overall the quarterlies are relevant for students because it helps everyone improve their learning environment. 

“The quarterlies help you understand the things you learned. They affect FSA’s by giving students the feeling of how it is like.”said Sorgaard. “The quarterlies do affect my grade good because I study.”

  “They make sure that students know materials, they let you know what to review and go over.”said Espinosa. “They do affect grades, but it depends on the class.” 

Quarterlies are definitely imperative. They advantage both students and teachers. Students get help understanding the requirements and it helps improve how they perform during the FSA. They help teachers see what they need to work on teaching their class better and how to plan classes.