2nd Quarter Incentive has Students and Staff Excited to be on Track

2nd Quarter Incentive has Students and Staff Excited to be on Track

Brianna Phillips, News Writer

The incentives at Fivay Highschool are a good way to get students on track to be life, career and college ready. Teachers and students think the incentives are a good idea to help others get on track, it gives them something to look forward to and helps give them motivation to do better. For each incentive they are planning to do different activities. Principal Jason Joens throws an incentive every four and a half weeks. This upcoming incentive is going to take place on November 1st.

“I think the guidelines are right on track to allow students to get back on track and make sure that they are doing what they should be doing in the classrooms and hopefully build a culture that kids are wanting to be here and do the right thing,” Deanna Waide said.

The guidelines for each incentive gets more strict each time, ensuring that students work hard and push themselves to be able to participate in these incentives. The guidelines are necessary to allow students that are on track to be rewarded and gives the students that aren’t on track something to look forward to and an opportunity to get on track and participate in these incentives. 

“I think these incentives help get students on track because if students are getting some kind of incentive to be able to do different things it might be able to help them stay on track and to focus on their grades,” Waide said. “Also you guys would want to be here and not miss school.”

Thompson also feels the guidelines for the incentives aren’t that bad because there needs to be some regulation of why you should be able to go as a reward to doing your work and that if you just stack up referrals or you don’t do your work in class then you shouldn’t be able to do the incentives.

“I think the guidelines should stay the same for the most part, there could be a little bit of tweaks like if someone has a referral for something that may have not been their fault or may have not been that bad then they would be allowed to go but for the most part guidelines should stay the same.” Nathan Thompson (’20) said.

“The guidelines are strict so it keeps us to have, like something to look forward to instead of just like another test or another essay to do” Thompson said.

Fivay teachers and students think that the incentives are a good idea because it gives students something to look forward to and helps keep students on track.