Fall Festival Has Students Slipping and Sliding to Success

Every 4 weeks there is an incentive for students who are doing well in school. Students enjoy getting rewarded for being on track.

Skylar Hunsberger, News writer

 The fall festival is about to happen and students are gearing up for the second incentive for the end of quarter one. It is a fun event for all grades and awards the students who have not had any F’s on there quarter one report card and no discipline referrals. The last incentive was a major hit and we can’t wait to see all the new activities at this one. 

With all the excitement from the last incentive, we wanted to see how students felt about this one coming up. 

 “I was very positive and motivated to do my very best and be on my best behavior so that I could attend the fall festival due to all the fun I had at the last incentive.” Taylor Mcormick (‘21) said

 Using these fun activities is helping keep the student to want to do their work and behave as accordingly. 

Every day Monday through Friday you go to school and it can be pretty predictable with the same test, homework, reading and etc. With these school wide incentives it brings life into the school. 

“I love having new activities because I feel a change is always good with teens because they happen to get bored easily and will lose focus.” Mcormick said. 

With the fall festival having requirements from last quarter this does mean that not every single student will be able to attend.

 “I think there will be less people at this incentive but when they see all their friends having fun and they are stuck in a classroom it will make them want to do better so they can have the same experience there friends had.” Mcormick said.