Are School Lunches Overpriced?

Are School Lunches Overpriced?

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

Are School Lunches Overpriced? 

 School lunches are not over priced. Most people get free lunch but some people have to pay. On average, for elementary and high school the costs of lunches is $2.48 – $2.74. If a student has enough money so that they can afford to purchase lunch themselves then, the school doesn’t provide them with lunches unless they pay. 

Although if a student is poor then they can get free lunches. 

 “If there is a student that has to pay for a meal but can’t, they get it reduced but they get the option of everything on the menu and they usually provide something else like a ham sandwich” said Pat Shaw, a lunch lady. 

 The price for lunch at school isn’t expensive. At fast food restaurants the cost is around 10 dollars. Compared to school meals, that is expensive. In this article, the author says the costs for lunches in elementary school through high school. 

During a school year, on average 30.3 million kids get free lunches. Annually 4.9 billion free lunches are given to students. This means that the reduced price is $1.8 million. In an article “School Meal Trends & Stats” it showed a graph saying how much the prices were for school lunches. High school’s costs are from $2.74 – $1.55.

 Middle schools costs $2.68 – $1.53. Elementary schools costs $2.48 – $1.46.

 Pasco county schools are doing what they need to help students. From health to education, school are helpful. 

They provide food for students who don’t get any or can’t afford to buy some. On top of that, school gives you an education and prepares you for college. Most things that schools provide are free and it’s a privilege because the school board doesn’t have to give students/kids anything.