Students and Staff Have High Hopes for Second Quarter

Melissa-Kate Gibson, News Writer

Last quarter expectations weren’t that high but this quarter the expectations are very high.

Teachers expect their students to focus on their school work, and to behave and actually do their work in this quarter. Last quarter students had trouble paying attention in class and more focused on their friends and phones.

“I want my class to talk to each other better, science is not a one person thing its a group thing.” Avram Wassef said. 

Science is a group project, not a one person project. Students need to learn in this quarter to get along and do group projects.

“The 2nd quarter is gonna be a lot more dissecting and a lot more lab work with different types of animals, that can actually relate to human anatomy.” Wassef said. 

Lab work is going to be a lot of work, the students need to put their minds to it and focus on it. Dissecting is not gonna be easy, the students may have trouble with it.

“I believe the students will have the most trouble with dissections in the 2nd quarter. It’s gonna be tough for some students, hard to dissect something you see walking around. The things we dissect are treated with the utmost care,” Wassef said 

When you are dissecting, you gotta focus on the animal you are dissecting so you don’t do anything wrong.

“I want them to improve on their attendance, and their behaviors. We showed a lot of growth in the first quarter than last year, I am proud of that. I want to see that continue to happen, I want to continue to see the students in class on time. I know our goal is to get them ready for life and these will help them.” Kevin Smith said. 

Students need to improve on their attendance. Students don’t show up on time half of the time to get to class before the bell rings. So they really need to improve on their attendance. This quarter has gotta change, students need to stop fighting and being late to class.

“I’m looking forward to building relationships with the students and helping them put that puzzle together, so they can find out where they need to be. I’m looking forward to the incentives,” Smith said.