Top 5 Goldfish Flavors

Top 5 Goldfish Flavors

Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

From Pretzels to S’mores, Goldfish crackers have a lot to offer. With so many flavors, how do you choose the one you want? What are the most recommended Goldfish flavors? 


  1. Colors- With the same flavor as the original but with the fun of the rainbow. These goldfish are salty and have a minimal flavor so there great at livening up a salad and a variety of soups. Fun fact the colors are made with plant-based ingredients and make up most of the rainbow excluding blue and purple.


  1. Sour Cream and Onion- A popular flavor through all salty snacks. Good for the dip and by themselves. With a bright green package, you’re bound to see them on the shelves. Good for all occasions and people. Try them if you enjoy sour cream and onion flavor.


  1. Princess- Popular between little girls and grown men alike Princess Goldfish are fun for the whole family. This small, Pink/Purple colored snack has the same flavor profile as the original but is more popular among children and salt fanatics as they are saltier than normal and have a more cheesy-ish flavor.


  1. Cheesy Pizza and Parmesan Mix- These goldfish are like a Saturday, Fun and your going to enjoy it and maybe regret it later. They go great with real pizza and the combined flavors are really good on their own making them the number 2 spot on our list.


  1. Flavor Blasted Xtra Cheddar- The more superior of the cheddar flavors, Xtra cheddar is a salty and cheesy alternative. Great for watching T.V. or doing anything really. With a serving size of 51 pieces there everything, you like about the original with that extra push up the flavor scale.


Fun Facts- 

  1. Made with 40% smiles because actually only 40% of the bag actually has them. 
  2. They are actually Julia Childs’s favorite snack and she had a bowl of them during Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. 142 billion Goldfish crackers are made a year.
  4. They have gone to outer space.
  5. They are based after the Pisces horoscope sign.