Goodbye Class of 2020

Senior night is a very emotional and memorable night for the class of 2020.

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Goodbye Class of 2020

Kaitlyn Rose and Nicholas Iovino

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Senior night is one of the most eventful and emotional nights to experience as a senior. Senior night is the night where we recognize all of our fall sports seniors at the last home football game. The seniors get to walk across the field with their parents and friends, while the announcer announces their future plans and special thanks letter to the crowd.

 It is an emotional experience to be getting to the end of not only your season, but your senior year as well. The community thanks the seniors for their dedication and hard work they’ve put not only for this season, but they’ve put in during their first high school career.

Victoria Yaden has been on varsity cheerleading varsity for four years. She has done cheerleading not only in high school, but in her elementary and middle school’s years as well. Cheerleading is a huge part of her life and is sad it is coming to an end.

“I was very excited for senior night, because I’ve watched the last 3 years of seniors walk and was ready for my opportunity,” Victoria Yaden (‘20) said. Senior night is something as a cheerleader, something you most look forward to. 

As the game was approaching realization started to hit for Victoria. Home games are always the best, you get to have fun with your friends and family. It was sad to see the last home game come around and will soon be over. 

“I was very sad knowing that this would be the last game I will be with my girls and the next time I come to a home game I will have to buy a ticket and sit in the stands. In the future, I hope to be attending another home game watching my little sister cheer.” Victoria Yaden (‘20). As the season is coming to an end, it was a very sad and emotional night.

Home games are always Victoria’s favorite, knowing that you’re parents and friends are right there with you cheering. Victoria cheered her heart out with her teammates at the last home game. Those teammates became more than just a squad to her, but her family over the years being in cheerleading. 

“It is going to be hard letting go of a team that I love and that I’ve put my all into for the last 4 years. But you have to make the best of the time you have left. I wish success for the new classes coming into fivay cheer and hope they enjoy it as much as I did” said Victoria Yaden (‘20). 

Cassidy Sheputis Fivay Falcon Regiment Band, has played in band her whole high school career and has worked hard to earn her position she’s in today. Cassidy has enjoyed this year as being that leader role and is one to surely remember.

Cassidy was very excited to be walking down the field with her family. Cassidy has always watched her friends walk down the field and has always looked up to them. She always looked forward to that day to come” said Cassidy Sheputis (‘20). Getting to your senior year and getting to walk down the field as Band Conductor is a huge accomplishment to achieve.

“I was very sad. Band has been apart of my life since 6th grade, and I’ve always considered them a second family. Playing at home games are one of my favorite things about band, and knowing that was the last time broke my heart” said Cassidy Sheputis (‘20). Home games will always be one of Cassidy’s favorite things to do in band, this was an emotional last home game for her.

She always believes they play their hearts out. The band always wants to put on a good show for everyone and for themselves. They work for hours everyday to make sure it’s amazing.  She believes her band members played their hearts out regardless of them being seniors and takes pride in their time and dedication to band.

Elijah has been on the varsity football team at Fivay for 4 years now. Elijah had watched the seniors for years and knew it was his turn.

“I was looking forward to seeing senior night because I’ve been seeing seniors have their final games for years but now it was my time to come, It’s going to be sad to say goodbye but I know that Fivay is in good hands once I leave.” Elijah Colon (‘20) said.

Elijah was sad after the game knowing it was his final time he will play on this home field but he knew it was only a matter of time, he played his heart out every game And he believes all of his teammates have also.

Kellan was new to the Falcons last year and he was happy he could play on such a great team with great coaches. Its was hard for Kellan to say goodbye but he handled it pretty well.

“I was looking forward to senior night because it was finally a celebration of everything I’ve worked hard for since I was a freshman, It will be very hard to say goodbye when the season’s over And I know me and my teammates will be very sad but now I’m on to the next chapter of my life.” Kellan Helt (‘20) said.

Kellan was sad after the game knowing it was the last time that he would play on the home field for Fivay but we still have next week and possibly playoffs and the all star game, he thinks that we gave it our all and everything we had and then some because when looking at the film and our plays everyone was on point. Christina has been with the band at Fivay for 4 years now. She’s played the trumpet all 4 years of high school.

“I was looking forward to senior 

night it’s like a celebration for us to commemorate how far we’ve come and how much farther we will go, After the game it was both sad and joyful. Bittersweet I guess. That field has seen a lot of hard work and hard times and I am glad I got to March there and play in the band.” Christina Douglas (‘20) said.

Christina knows we all poured as much of our hearts into the show because the seniors were showing their pride like the rest of the kids and the other kids were doing it for them. It always sucks to see marching season end but it is also exciting to see what they will do during concert season both seasons require hard work and focus to be successful.

 “I would like to continue band in college but if I can’t do it with my school or an outside group I’ll still play at home.”