Scream-A-Geddon Review

Scream-A-Geddon Review

Maura O'Brien, Montage Writer

When the halloween season come peeking around the corner, many start making their spooky season plans, Tick or treating, Costume making or for many others, Haunted houses one of the top house being tampa bay’s Scream-A-Geddon which is thought to be the scariest haunted “house” around. 

When going into the sight, the screams of others that could be heard for miles sent goosebumps running down the spine. The rip of a chainsaw in the distance and a merciless laugh cut through the air. It was only the beginning of the night.

“It was insane the best night of my life.” Katie Jakins said.

However, there have since been incidents that could cause students to be more careful. 

A female Pasco resident claimed she was groped while attending the event. “At that moment, I put the necklace on, and one of the scare actors, came out from the house, grabbed me from my friends and took me inside the house,” she said.

Lauren said from there, an actor grabbing her lower back, then went lower.  Quotes from ABCnews. 

This is scary in a other way, a much worse way, this caused panic, as parents and students wonder is it safe to go to the much anticipated event.

Scream-A-Geddon said they back round check all of their employees, Tampa bay news was told.