Top 5 Thanksgiving Traditions

Top 5 Thanksgiving Traditions

Molly Plantz, Monatge Writer

   October has come to an end and it’s now November which means Thanksgiving! I’m when Thanksgiving is mentioned you all think of the food and the turkey but there’s other just as important Thanksgiving traditions! I’m gonna introduce to you 5 Thanksgiving traditions that maybe you could pick up.

   1.The Food- Of course one of the most popular tradition for this holiday is the food, many families participate in this tradition that make food like turkey, gravy, every potato meal, stuffing, Mac and Cheese and lots of desert which mostly consist of pie.

   2.The Turkey- Here’s a history lesson, the reason we eat turkey on Thanksgiving is because during autumn colonists would hunt wild turkeys, and because turkey is a North American bird it naturally became the ideal meal after        Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.

   3.Traveling- Thanksgiving is known to be more of a family holiday and because some family members might live far away many families travel to other relatives houses making Thanksgiving a really busy traveling day!

   4.The Wishbone- The breaking of the turkeys wishbone is a Thanksgiving tradition for some families, after the wishbone is taken out and dried until it’s brittle then two people get one end of the wishbone and make a wish then they break it, whoever gets the bigger piece will have their wish granted!

   5.Helping Others- As the name says Thanksgiving is also a holiday for you to give your thanks to the people you care about but some don’t just give thanks to the people they know some do volunteer work like giving the homeless food or participating in canned food drives.

   I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving to have a good time and might even pick up a few of the traditions just mentioned. As winter is coming soon make sure to stay warm, cozy, and safe during your Thanksgiving dinner and have a wonderful time with friends and family!