Underclassmen Ready for Next Season

Nicholas Iovino, Sports Writer, Sports Editor

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The Fivay Falcons Football team had a sad ending to their 7-3 season. They needed to make it to 8th place in the playoffs and were stuck in 9th even after Friday night’s win. The Falcons finished 7-3 and that was tied with the best record in school history since 2011. The Falcons dedicated so much time and effort to this season to try and make it to the playoffs but just fell short. 

All the seniors are sad to go and sad that they were so close to making it to the playoffs but all of the juniors are ready to come back next season train super hard in the offseason and do the best they can to try and make it to playoffs. 

Bryan Hair was on the Football team at Fivay for 4 years now and has always played quarterback. The football team has really turned the program around from a 1-8 4 years ago, to a 7-3 record 4 years later 

“I’m upset that we don’t have playoffs but I still get to move on to the next chapter in my life. In order to make it to playoffs we could have played differently by not taking any plays off on special teams and just go 110% all around the ball,” Bryan Hair (‘20) said. 

Richard Spade is a linebacker from Ridgewood and is very excited for his senior year next year. He and the rest of the juniors are ready to put in some work in the offseason. 

“I’m excited for next year and looking forward to my senior season, I’m going to train in the offseason by getting stronger and becoming a better football player by learning the plays better and watching lots of film.” Richard Spade (‘21) said. “Losing our seniors isn’t too big of a loss just because our defense is made up of mainly juniors and a few seniors, but I think we will be pretty good next year.” 

Austin Blandford is a Junior and was pretty upset about not making it to playoffs. Austin is ready to put in extra work in the offense to put his team in a position for playoffs. 

“It sucks to not make it to playoffs we had a good record but just fell short, I’m going to workout every day in the offseason and help my teammates better themselves.” Blandford (‘21) said. 

Melvin Rivera is a sophomore and has started on varsity since he was a freshman. 

“Making playoffs is a big accomplishment and it upsets me that we were so close to making playoffs But I can’t let it dwell on me or the team, Next year we just got to play every game to its maximum ability and never let off the gas pedal and keep striving for greatness.” Rivera (’22) said.