Do the Website Restrictions Take Away too Much?

Kailyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

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Our school district has blocked several websites, and the majority of them seem very unnecessary. The ones I’ve noticed that are restricted are completely school appropriate, so there should be no reason why we can’t go on them.

   Some pages, you may recognize, that are banned include CoolMathGames, Hooda Math, and half of the Primary Games website. 

   The only reason I can think of when I wonder why they’re blocked is that they’re distractions. If they’re (the district/school) worrying about students being distracted, they might as well take away the whole web from us. Yes, they may be seen as distracting, and like they’re taking away from our learning, but are they really? Websites like CoolMath and HoodaMath, or even Animal Jam, are actually very educational to people our age. CoolMath helps you solve and learn math problems in fun ways – ways that people can actually enjoy and not refuse to do, because these games are very appealing and entertaining in ways we would want to learn.

    These game websites also teach us strategy and puzzles, which are very good for your brain. Animal Jam can teach kids about wildlife and nature. The whole game lets you explore these ecosystems and environments, while you can be either a land animal or marine life. Also, another advantage to this website is that there are no inappropriate, outside advertising. Websites like MovieStarPlanet are also child friendly. Why are they blocked? MovieStarPlanet encourages creativity by letting you create an online profile, where you can create your own designs, looks, movies, artbooks, and more. There is nothing inappropriate about it. Any  non safe words, are censored, just like Animal Jam and other games like it that are blocked from our school wifi.

   If we want to block websites, why not block Instagram or Facebook? I’m definitely not saying we should block those, because Instagram is my main app, but if you think about it, these social media apps do more harm than these kid websites. Some other of these harmless websites that are restricted include any website with the word ‘game’ in it’s URL.