The Hype About Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s New Makeup Line

The Hype About Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's New Makeup Line

Devan Lienhart, Opinion Writer

The new makeup line is based off Shane Dawson’s channel and all the funny and weird things he is known for. As a fan of Shane and Jeffree I love the new makeup line and I am planning on buying it. Shane and Jeffree are very creative with their product’s colors and naming. You can tell by looking at some pictures of their products that they are high quality and the packaging is well made.They put a lot of time and effort into these products, this took over a year to make for their fans.

Shane Dawson is a famous Youtuber with 23 million subscribers. He posts entertaining video series and documentaries about famous Youtubers where he helps them get their career back on track. The summer of 2018 he made his new documentary series with the famous beauty guru Jeffree Star. Jeffree is a famous Youtuber, singer, and businessman who posts videos to his Youtube channel where he has 16.4 million subscribers. In the documentary titled “ The Secret World of Jeffree Star.” Shane helps Jeffree get his life back on track, so in return for everything that Shane did for Jeffree in the first series, they made a 2nd series that came out in October of 2019 that followed Jeffree and Shane in the making of shane and Jeffree’s makeup line together. They have a regular sized palette, a mini palette, a lip gloss, and 6 liquid lipsticks and a lip balm.