Are the Air Pod Pros Worth the Hype?

Zoe Coats, Opinion Editor

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As Apple drops more products that attract excitement from loyal Apple enthusiasts, the infamous airpods come out with a new generation with even more features than the last but an even more costly price tag than the last pair of luxury earphones as well which leads people to wonder if they are worth the purchase.

The Airpods Pro are the newest Apple wireless earphones on the market. They are being primarily advertised for their more comfortable ear tips, noise cancellation, security, water resistance, and higher battery life. These features are obviously noteworthy attraction but against other competitors, the hefty price of $250 is in question. The Airpods Pro are worth the price, if you are looking for specific needs in a wireless headphone. 

The noise cancellation has been heavily marketed as one of the strongest features of the headphones. Compared to other high end wireless earphones, such as the Sony WF-1000xm3, the Airpods Pro come very close in rank to the Sony earphones, but just fall short of being the best in the game. To the untrained ear, the Airpods Pro are an excellent choice for the everyday user. For those who are looking for the comfort aspect, the new ear tips are perfect for that. The shape of the earphones and the light weight material provide perfect comfort for long term wearing. For the average person, accessibility is a very important factor. Airpods Pro have an even better connectivity rate and better call quality than not only previous Airpods but also other wireless earphone brands. 

The Airpods Pro are a great investment for the average daily listener looking for luxury earphones with its overall quality improvement against its own previous generations as well as other brands. While the price tag may be a larger price to pay, the difference of around $50 is definitely worth the quality provided and the new features available.