September Athletes of the Month

Kiaralis Santiago, Sports Writer

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Two Fivay Highschool athletes were chosen for athlete of the month for September 2019. Makayla Way (‘23) was chosen for volleyball and Melvin Rivera (‘22) was chosen for football. Both Way and Rivera always push themselves to their limits and takes on any new challenges given to them. They both had very positive outlooks on making athlete of the month. 

“I think I became athlete of the month because I’m always giving it my all and try to show as much as a leader as possible, I’m always looking to improve. I am a hard worker and always trying my best, so I’m very proud of this achievement,” Rivera said. 

Athlete of the month are for students who are always trying their best and never give up. They do best at what they like and they earn that spot. They don’t allow any excuse to stop them from achieving their goal. 

“I think I became athlete of the month because I’m always scoring for the team and I block the ball quite often. I stay positive and keep the team up, I make sure to always do my job,” Makayla said. 

Rivera and Way has shown their commitment and love for sports. These athletes are perfect teammates who encourage their teammates to do the best they can do when they are called upon. Lastly, they have proven that if you work hard enough you can reach your goals. 

“Just the feeling of being out there as a team and working together to achieve one goal and that is to win and to become better mentallly and physically made me feel nice,” Rivera said.