Blood Drives Impact Fivay With Importance

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

Every couple of months the One blood buses come to Fivay for students to donate blood. One blood buses visit many different high schools often because it gives high schoolers the option of going out of their way and simply help save a life. The nursing Program here at Fivay always helps organize the blood drive and prepare the students who decide they would like to donate.

Noah Kindt (‘20) is a student in Nurse Kennedy’s Nursing program. This is the second blood drive the students have had this school year and the kids in the nursing program now have knowledge on how to organize the blood drive and help out with students 

  “I feel I really get to make an impact on these kids decisions because most of the time they are very nervous to donate. It is most students first time so I try and help calm their nerves with words of encouragement and my own personal experience,” Kindt said.

Donating blood is a simple way of saving a life. Over 4.5 million lives are saved a year by blood transfusions. 

 “The first time I donated blood the phlebotomist told me why they visited high schools. The blood they draw from the high schoolers goes to children in need of it,” Kindt said. “Because children can’t receive blood from adults. Ever since I got told that I knew I always wanted to donate when the buses came to the school. Knowing I was helping save a life of a child really impacted me.”