Congratulations 2020 Outstanding Senior

Congratulations 2020 Outstanding Senior

Kaitlyn Rose, News Editor, News Writer

Class of 2020’s Outstanding Senior is Cody Sterbens. Sterbens has been chosen to go to the meeting and compete to win the scholarship for being most academic and successful.

Cody had no idea he was let alone being elected, but given the opportunity to be outstanding senior for class of 2020. “I had no idea what I was being called in for; in Principal Joens office. It felt cool to see all the administrators and my parents here to be giving me this certificate” Sterbens said. “It meant a lot to me to have people recognize all the hard work you actually do” 

It always means a lot to know that the people you love and care about are there to support you, in any way or form.

As in for competitions, Sterbens saw it as no competition. 

  “This isn’t a competition, but people recognizing you for what you do for the school. There is a lot of really good seniors, who do other things to help the school as well,” Sterbens said.

Sterbens, didn’t plan to be chosen for it. He did however in the past see previous seniors be chosen for it as well; for their hard work and dedication to the school. He wanted to be kind of person too, to make better for our school.

Jennifer in the front office was one of many to be very happy for Sterbens to be chosen as Outstanding Senior.

 “I feel Cody, earned that award all on his own,” said Jennifer Branhan. “I believe Cody is an all around student with excellent, grades, work ethic, and sports participation.”

Sterbens works in the front office while managing his classes at Fivay and PHSC; while doing sports. He is always being active and making a way to help others, that is an all around student.

“I think Cody, will use this as a great asset to have added to his resume for his future plans where ever he may go,” Branhan said. Sterbens will now go to district for another round of voting.