Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and one of the things on everyone’s mind is the food. As one of the biggest traditions for Thanksgiving, people want to make the best and most delicious feast ever!

So to make it easier for you we’ve made a list of the top 5 Thanksgiving foods for everyone to enjoy.

1. Turkey- as everyone knows turkey is Thanksgiving’s main food and is naturally on everyone’s list for their Thanksgiving dinner. It’s just so delicious and rich it’s sure to make you full.

2. Stuffing- Stuffing is a classic Thanksgiving side and here’s a little history lesson on why it is! Back in the day, our ancestors would put herbs and onion chunks in the turkey to flavor it and the act of stuffing the bird just stuck, especially to keep the wonderful turkey flavor.

  3. Mac n Cheese- Although we practically eat it every day, no matter the holidays, it is especially a must on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Its cheesy deliciousness is a craving everyone has during this wonderful Thanksgiving time.

4.Pumpkin Pie- Now onto dessert, I just have to include pumpkin pie because this delightfully sweet-tasting custard in a crust served at the end of the night is an iconic trademark for the holiday. It’s just a must on every Thanksgiving dessert list.

5. Apple Crisp Cheesecake- Let’s end this with something that ends the night with a bang. Its multiple layers of apple and crumble topping that’s sure to delightfully mix with the sweet-tasting cheesecake beneath it which I assure you it will be a hit at the Thanksgiving dinner table!
With this list your sure to satisfy every Thanksgiving craving your friends and family will bring with them to the dinner table. These foods are sure to warm you up and great to warm up the next day.