OK Boomer: The Reason Behind it

OK Boomer: The Reason Behind it

Zoe Coats, Opinion Writer

As 2019 progresses, and generational divides become deeper the now-infamous phrase “Ok Boomer” is spreading through social media like a wildfire. It’s said through apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, and is even making its way onto apparel.

This statement is a simple phrase that Generation Z has taken to use as a means to dismiss the inconsiderate or contemptuous things that Baby Boomers have been known to say. The phrase is a way of not bothering to explain what has already been explained about the generational respect differences that are now expected, but to just shut it down but still call it out.

A lot of backlash has been received from the generation of boomers against this phrase from celebrities to just normal adults, shocked at the agism and disrespect displayed from the younger generations, but fail to consider the agism displayed from themselves. With the divide, the line is typically drawn between the boomers and the similar millennials and generation Z leaving generation X sort of in the middle of the debate.

As a younger student who has experienced the ageism from the side of being young, I very clearly fall on the side in support of the phrase “ok boomer.” As someone who works a minimum wage job and knows many others who have experienced the same, terms such as “entitled” “lazy” and “snowflakes” have been names that the younger generations of millennials and generation Z have coined from their boomer elders.

The phrase “ok boomer.” It is a sense of revolt from the criticism of the younger generation that it has experienced. At any age and in any generation, people will be able to recount experiences where their elders have judged their own actions and work ethics. As times change and generational normalities change as well, the older generations will have to learn and adjust to these differences and “ok boomer” is a first step at awaking the now coming change and understanding for the future youngest generation.