Do Parents put School Above Mental Health?

Rachel Kanaris, Opinion Writer

Many students have agreed that their parents, or parents in general put school above mental health. Between homework, attendance, good grades, and applying yourself to your fullest extent to get good grades, it can easily affect their mental health.

Most parents expect good grades all the time. In high school, when your GPA gets involved and you’re close to being able to graduate – we all can agree it’s a serious thing. So are parents just pushing you to do good, or are they truly pushing away your mental health? Most parents, whether it’s admitted or not, don’t think about their kids mental health. Or, take school into account that maybe it’s draining them. For the students that do put the effort in to do good in school, you are easily able to drain yourself with it. Just as much as it can easily change the way you think, the way you act, your social life, and your capability to focus on anything else.

Studies have shown that school can affect energy level, concentration, dependability, mental ability, and hinder performance. Since it has already been proven that it can affect your mental state, it’s no longer a question. Many parents just don’t – and won’t take it into consideration. Which can lead to more of an unhealthy mental state if nobody understands that a student is mentally drained.

As a parent, from the moment you become one, your child’s mental state should be what means most. School will play a big role in a student’s mental state and for the parents that don’t understand, maybe can understand more if it’s talked about more. The more it’s talked about, the more it’ll be thought.