Girls Soccer: Preseason Game

Girls Soccer: Preseason Game

Nicky Iovino, Sports Editor

The Fivay girls’ soccer team had their preseason game on November 11th and started off their season pretty good. The girls beat Gulf high school 8-0. The girls are confident in their team this year and think they are off to a good start and believe they will have a pretty solid season. The team performed well and came together to get the win, and the performance was just overall a good one.

“We came on top and performed well and came together as a unit and won, I like the team a lot even though it’s a new team with a lot of new players I think we will be off to a pretty good start.” Lead scorer Ashley Babiarz (‘20) with 6 goals herself said.

Ashley has played soccer her entire life. She has played with Fivay High school on the Varsity team for 4 years in a row now.

“I like the coach too she’s started her team off good and is confident in her players and always makes sure we are well prepared, the game went as expected but we have to take every game with a game by game mentality,” Babiarz said.

Zyta Fonseca (‘20) believes the game went very good. Fonseca has been training hard in the off-season or her starting spot.

“I think I performed decent and I think the team performed good because we all played as a team and came out with a win, I like the team because we all come together when it’s time to play and we put together a good performance,” Fonseca said.

The girls think that the coach is a hard-working coach who is always dedicated to her team and is ready for every game.

Kandra Saracinaj (‘20) said “I played well but I probably could have done better I didn’t leave everything I had in me out on the field”

“I like my team we are all really positive with each other and communicate well, I really like my coach I think she does a great job of keeping us on our toes,” Saracinaj said