Black Widow Trailer Has Fans Excited for the Movie

Black Widow Trailer Has Fans Excited for the Movie

Madeline Lee, Montage Writer

You know her, You love her, She’s the OG lady Avenger. SHE’S NATASHA ROMANOFF.

This Russian spy is lovable, gorgeous and a fan favorite all around the globe between men and women alike. The Black Widow trailer just came out and people are beyond happy for it. The trailer showcases Natashas trials and triumphs to secure her job and be the queen we all love and support.

Spoiler Alert: We meet her sister, and they have a little moment of what we all wish we could do to our siblings.An anger ridden fight between them brings an awesome fight scene. We also meet her hilarious looking dad wearing a red suit, like a budget Captain America who somehow manages to maintain a job.

Getting away from her dysfunctional but overall lovely family, the trailer is pretty cool. The amount of special effects and stunts is good and not over the top for the trailer, it’s good they are saving some for the movie. It showcases Natasha a pretty perfect amount but still shows other characters living life and how her life is different.