Should Schools be Selling Energy Drinks to Students

Devan Lienhart, Opinion Writer

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High school snack shacks, they are the supply of tons of good snacks for people who don’t feel like getting school lunch. They have so many different types of snacks and drinks such as Cheez-its, and cookies. Energy drinks should not be sold to students because they are high in sugar and carbs.

America is known for obesity especially in young adults and kids. Selling energy drinks at school is a very unhealthy thing and they should not be sold to students. Some students are drinking these energy drinks like it is water. Drinking energy drinks is very unhealthy especially for kids. There are side effects to drinking energy drinks at a young age such as increased blood pressure, sleep disturbances, headaches and stomach aches. Over 5.387 billion cans worldwide are sold in one year, yes only one.

Energy drinks are very addicting and should not be sold at schools. Although it is legal to sell energy drinks to minors, schools should not be selling them. Energy drinks are a part of the reason for obesity of children in America. These sugar filled fattening drinks should not be sold in schools whatsoever.