Is the School Start Time Beneficial or Harmful?

Is the School Start Time Beneficial or Harmful?

Brianna Terry and Zoe Coats

7:30am is the average time for high schools to start. Some may think this is too early, in my opinion I believe it is. School is an important key element in life. Without enough sleep, it is hard for students to focus. Sleep allows the brain to function better. Studies show that by changing the starting times at high schools.

“According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2002 Sleep in America poll, 80% of respondents said high schools should start no earlier than 8:00 a.m.” “A University of Minnesota study demonstrates the impact of pushing back school start times. After the Minneapolis Public School District changed the starting times of seven high schools from 7:15 a.m. to 8:40 a.m., the study investigated the impact of later start times on student performance, and the results are encouraging. It found that students benefited by obtaining five or more extra hours of sleep per week.”

My sophomore year I started my school day at 8:00a.m. This enabled me to be able to focus more and get my work done with more efficiency. I tend to be less stressed and more observant with a better sleep schedule.

School starting later will allow students to get a little bit more sleep. Another thing is that students do not enjoy walking to the bus stop when it is dark out. School starting later means later bus times. Later bus times let students access the bus during daylight.

– Brianna Terry

It is hard to get up for classes in High School without a doubt. We have our naturally nocturnal night patterns and typical teenager morning laziness but despite popular belief, an early school start time in beneficial to high school students.

An earlier school start time gives high school better opportunity to have an after school part-time job. By going in earlier to school, and therefore getting out of school earlier, this opens up a lot more opportunity for students to participate in earning money. An earlier school time frees up the hours that would have ultimately been spent on sleeping and changes it to where that time can be developed more. Realistically, if high school students were given a later school start time, the time would be spent getting more sleep, but if the students get out of classes earlier, and since they are already up and awake, it is more likely that the time will be more beneficially used.

Also, a later school time can even have a negative affect on students who participate in extracurricular or sports activities. If students get out of school later, their after school events would run later as well, causing students to eat and sleep irregularly, and diminish any of the already shortened after school time that they would be getting for socializing, eating, homework, and preparing for the next day. This would possibly cause students to have to stay up even later to make up for the day time that they lost by coming into school later.

By starting classes earlier, students would suffer in time management and effectively would stay up later anyways to make up for the time. High schools should continue to have an earlier class start time in order to compensate for the busy lives that students lead today.

-Zoe Coats