Seniors Write a Letter to Their Past Self

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

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Ever wonder what life would of been like if you could of warned yourself before making certain decisions? Maybe you would have a perfect GPA if you wouldn’t of slacked your freshmen year. Maybe you would have listened to your mom about being friends with a certain person. Every person has made a decision in their past, a decision they either regret making or glad that they did. As a Senior it would be cool to be able to write to your past self and give them words of advice and encouragement.

Larissa Hall (‘20) is a Senior here at Fivay and knows how much life has changed since Freshman year in just 4 short years. She talks about trust when warning her past self about anything.

“ If I could warn myself I would make sure to tell myself to do all your work and dont trust people all they do is turn on you and within seconds you find yourself all alone,” Hall said. “In reality you only have yourself. Don’t let yourself down and fight for yourself.”

Nick Manzi (‘20) has been on the football team consistently all through high school.

“ If I could warn myself about anything I would make sure to tell myself to do all your school work and do not let anything make you start lacking in school work,” Manzi said.“ Because nothing is more important than getting a good grade because in the end school grades are gonna get you far in life not the distraction that’s making you unfocused.”

Some things about your past you never wanna change and you would keep it just the way it is and how it all happened.

“ One thing I would never change about my past and would continue to make that decision over and over is meeting my Girlfriend. She has helped me through rough times and given me the motivation I needed to succeed,” Manzi said.

You have gone through 4 years of the same school, the same morning schedule, the same kids every day. What type of advice would you give your past self? Advice that would make you not choose the bad decisions that you might of been punished for.

“Staying positive is exactly the advice I would need to give myself. Thinking negatively is what will make you make negative choices,” Hall said. “Always keep your head up and do not let anyone let it fall because in the end those people do not matter you are beautiful in your own way.”