Impact of ROTC: How ROTC is Impacting a Certain Student with Importance

MK Gibson, News Writer

Choosing a job or hobby to do after high school can be difficult, but for Alejandra Rodriguez (‘20) it was an easy choice. Rodriguez wants to join the Marine Corps after she graduates. She likes to be in a place where there are rules and control and the Marine Corps offers the perfect setting.

Rodriguez really wants to focus on what she loves to do. She loves ROTC and she needs time to focus on it instead of having to worry about work. ROTC isn’t just a class for her, it’s her life.

“I quit my job to have more time to focus on ROTC. I want to focus more on ROTC because I am very devoted to [it],” Rodriguez said. “I want to be in the Marine Corps in the future.”

She is hoping that the Corps will provide her with a life-long career after high school. Rodriguez has always been interested in a role just like Major Nolf and Master Sergeant Hodges. Eventually, she wants to show other students what she has learned from her mentors. It was a no-brainer decision for Rodriguez.

“Unfortunately, it’s my last year in ROTC because I am a senior and I’m graduating, but I hope to continue pursuing my leadership abilities. I would like to come back and be a Naval Science Instructor just like Major Nolf and Master Sergeant Hodges. I would also like to teach them everything I have learned over these years that I have been ROTC.” Rodriguez (20) said.

At first, she wasn’t too sure what to do after high school, but a friend helped take her down the right path. She seemed to fit right in with the rest of them, and finally found something she really wanted to do.

“My friend Melody actually decided to tell me about ROTC, and at first I was really a girly-girl and didn’t know how it was gonna work. But I joined and after being in the program for a little bit, I realized that I was really not bad at what was going on and I started picking up things quickly then I fell in love with the program really fast.” Rodriguez (20) said.

Rodriguez decided to take her friend Melody’s advice and join ROTC. She realized that she likes a place where there are rules and control. There’s a lot to learn from ROTC, like how to be a leader.

“It has its challenges moments especially when it comes to taking leadership rules and guiding people in the right direction, but I feel as though if it’s something that you truly love it doesn’t feel like something you have to do, it’s something you want to do.” Rodriguez (20) said

ROTC can be challenging, but if you have a passion for it it’s no longer a grueling task. After a little bit, you end up fitting right in with the pack and become a family. Being a leader can be tough, but for Rodriguez, it just came naturally.