Stuck on What to do This Holiday Season? Here are a Few Ideas

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

There’s barely one week left before christmas and if you’re looking for a way to spice up your holiday fun well then I have just the perfect thing for you. Christmas traditions that you can celebrate with family and friends or even just yourself! I have traditions ranging from the classic decorating to a spectacular vacation, so let’s jump into the festive fun!
1.Decorations- Let’s kick this off with something everyone is familiar with, decorating! Go to your nearest store or open that old shed back up and haul out that christmas tree, hang the bright red, green, and gold ornaments with multi colored tinsel. Then deck the halls with lights and stickers along with your windows.
2.Christmas Playlist- To go along with your decorations make a playlist filled to the brim with classic Christmas carols and the newest hits. Then once you’re done with that, hook whatever device you’re using to a speaker and then blast it all throughout your house for everyone to know how much you enjoy the holidays!
3.Baking- If you love the holidays and love food too then i think you should take up baking as a tradition this Christmas season. You can bake food to decorate and then eat it and feel the satisfaction of being the one to make such delicious food, you can also make a whole batch and share with everyone you know to get them into the festive spirit to!
4.Vacation- This one might throw you off for many reasons but I’ll have you know you could save money by throwing away the idea of getting presents. Instead go on a fun trip to a place covered in festivities that the entire family and you can make plenty of fun memories there!
5.Gingerbread House- Alright let’s end this list off with something everyone knows and can enjoy. You can make the house pieces yourself or go to the store and buy a pack of pre-made house pieces. Gather everyone to put the pieces together and decorate it with lots of frosting and a ton of candy! Now for the fun part, eat the house!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this holiday season and if you do pick up a tradition from this list, that you have a glorious time with everyone and yourself. Make sure to stay warm and safe this winter and have a bunch of fun with everyone you plan to spend this holiday season with.