Fivay’s Population Shares their New Years Resolutions

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

The Earth makes a full rotation every 365 days a year and once it makes its full rotation it starts over again which starts a new year for us. If the earth has been able to start over again 2,020 times why can’t you? For years people made New Year Resolutions to start off the new year on a new page. If you could change something for the new year what would it be?

Taylor Mccormick, a junior at Fivay who prioritizes her time with cheerleading and academics talks about her goals and expectations for the new year.

“One goal I would like to set for myself for the new year is to become a better friend,” said Mccormick. “ I believe being there for your friends and supporting them can really change someone’s life and that is exactly what I would like to be able to do for my friends.”

Friends are a special thing we need in our life. They help us through rough times and give us the best laughs and advice but a good friend is someone who supports you even in the worst situations just to make sure you know that they are there and you can rely on them.

Miss Maisonneuve is the parent involvement coordinator at Fivay and loves to be interactive with the student’s life. She talks about her New Year Resolution plans

for 2020.

“For the New Year, I would like to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to exercise more and walk more. Eating healthy is another change I would like to make for this year’s New Years Resolution,” said Maisonneuve.

It is very common for people to choose a healthy lifestyle as their new year’s resolution but why? A healthy lifestyle is like a refreshing start to a new year because it is something you can feel good and proud about. It is also good for you and your body.

This year instead of doing the same thing as last year go out of your comfort zone and change something for the better it can be big or small. If the earth can start over so can you.