An Insight on Stresses of The 2nd Quarter

Skylar Hunsberger, News Writer

Every year of school you have 2 semesters. It’s always the same thing but what about the very last semester for seniors ever. For seniors entering this new semester, it could change everything. You may be able to pull everything together or maybe if you have always dreamed of having straight A’s this could be your final time being able to achieve that goal.

Sydney Phillhower is a senior at Fivay and has always strived to do her very best in school to make sure she has the future she has dreamed of.

“When I set a goal for my final semester I am setting the bar high because I know if I set the bar higher than usual I will make sure I fight my hardest to get it. So for my final semester, I want to get a 4.0 GPA only,” Phillhower said.

The final semester is not only a very nerve-wracking time but it can also be very fun and sad. Knowing this is the last semester with your friends in high school ever.

Paige Wickstrom is a Senior and she is very devoted to her school work and always showing her school spirit.

“ Entering the Final Semester I feel very excited but also very stressed at the same time. I feel very stressed because it is the final countdown before we all go off to college,” said Wickstrom.

With all the pressure on you to make sure you are doing good in school. Picking out the perfect college for you, also making sure you still make the best of memories with all your friends can be very overwhelming.

“This Semester will be easy knowing that I have overcome all the hardest obstacles that High School had brought. I know I can push through his one last one,” Said Phillhower

Entering your final semester can be difficult or easy depending if you know exactly what you wanna do.