Soccer Game Against Weeki Wachee Recap

Alyssa Cosenza, Sports Writer

Fivay Falcons boy soccer team kicks back into the season after a long winter break. For their first game back they played against Weeki Wachee at Fivay High School. They won the game with an end score of 1-0 but it wasn’t an easy win. Brandon Stopler (‘20), Hudson Cougill (‘20) and Ryan Esajas (‘22) give their take on the exciting game.

“Our first game back from winter break was pretty good, especially since we had been away for a while. I played a different position in this game so our outcome was different but it was better in my opinion. I think there is always room for improvement but I’m still happy that we won the game,” Cougill said.
The boys think this was a great way to start back up in the season since they’ll be having some tough games this month. Practice and games are helping the team stay at 3C but they’re shooting for 2C after their game with Clearwater.

“Right now we’re sitting at the 3C but we want to try and get the 2C which we can do. As long as we do our best during our Clearwater game we can get the 2C,” Stopler said.
Esajas is a sophomore at Fivay high school with this being his second year playing for the school. Making it to playoffs is one of his goals for him and his teammates because it would be a great achievement for not only him but the school.

“Winning the game against Weeki Wachee made me excited for our next game because then we have a chance at making it to playoffs. I think it would be pretty cool to be a part of a team that makes it to playoffs especially so early in high school for me,” Esajas said.