FSA Standards Should be Lowered for Students

FSA Standards Should be Lowered for Students

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

Every year students from 3rd grade to 12th get tested on what they have learned throughout the year. If someone fails then they have to repeat the same year twice. The standards should be lowered because there’s a lot of people who redo years of school and work.

In my opinion the standards that they give right now are pretty difficult to achieve. On FSA Test Score Information- Study.com, a three is passing for any of the FSA exams. The categories are based on your overall score on the test.

In the article, “Florida releases FSA scores to school districts Friday. What does this mean for your child” It says “Leon County seniors passed the state history exam with flying colors but only twenty percent of the freshmen managed to even make the grade.”

Many Florida third graders are failing FSA reading exam said, “many of the third graders don’t meet the standards for their reading level. For this year’s exams, only thirty percent are considered proficient. To be proficient the students must score a 4 or a 5. This year only 20 percent got a 4 and 8 percent got a 5.” If over half of the people who are taking these tests aren’t even getting a four or five, then why should they continue to keep the standards so high.

Standards really need to be lowered to a two, especially for the students in third graders. It’s important that the FSA’s are testing what students have learned throughout the year. As long as the standards aren’t low enough that kids can pass by Christmas-treeing it then it should be fine because you know that the student learned something.