Back from Break School Supply Hacks

Back from Break School Supply Hacks

Molly Plantz, Montage Writer

Everyone is in a frenzy after coming back to school this winter break. As you’ve probably noticed the number of your school supplies have gone down, so I’ve decided to help refill your supply stock. I’ve got school hacks ranging from how to refill and reuse mechanical pencil lead to using binder clips to keep those annoying wires in and out of the way for you to try so let’s get into it!

1. Handmade Bookmarks- Let’s start this off with something you can easily make yourself, the supplies you’ll need are stiff paper, stickers, hole punch, and ribbon or yarn. First cut the stiff paper the size you want your bookmark to be then hole punch the top of it and put ribbon or yarn through it and tie, last decorate with stickers.

2. Mechanical Pencil Lead Refill- If you’re anything like me and you run out of erasers faster then you do lead and just hate wasting lead after switching to a new pencil then I have just the hack for you! all you have to do is just take off the erasers and take the lead from the old pencil and put into the new pencil.

3. Decorated Pens and Pencils- This super easy hack not only makes your set up aesthetically pleasing but also makes sure people won’t mix up your supplies with theirs. All you’ll need is a pack of pens, pencils, and washi tape, then just go to town decorating the pens and pencils using the washi tape you picked out.

4. Binder Clip Cord Holders- Everyone know how much wires can just mess up a set up so to keep that from happening get out some binder clips and clip them on the side of your desk and put the cords through them so out of the way.

5. Snack Bag Pencil Case- To end this list let’s do something super easy after all that work, all you need is a snack bag and duct tape you can get at your local store, and that hole punch again. You just need to cover the bag in duct tape and hole punch three holes at the bottom so you can put it in your binder, now you can put all the other school supplies you made in it.
I hope your transition back to school after that long winter break is as smooth as possible and that you use this list to make the transition even better. These hacks can help throughout the year to keep you organized.