Cell Phones Should be Available to Kids Under 21

Cell Phones Should be Available to Kids Under 21

Kaitlyn Maccia, Opinion Writer

Kids need phones. Imagine if you have a kid and they are having an emergency but they have no one that they could contact. That could lead to a lot of danger. In other cases some students need to use cell phones for educational purposes. Having a phone can not only help kids, but everyone at all ages can stay safe. Also it doesn’t matter what age, you can learn anything.

If there is an emergency or situation that your kid is stuck in and they need help, having a cell phone could easily help out and even save a life. In an article, “Should Kids and Tweens Have Cell Phones” it says one very great reason you should get your kids cell phones is that it lets you stay in touch with them at all times. In case of a real tragedy, such as a school shooting or terrorist attack, a cell phone can be your only lifeline to your kids. There’s no other solution but to get a phone to contact your child quickly.

Homework is an imperative thing that a lot of kids can’t do without a phone. In another article “Why every kid should have a cellphone” it says our school district uses the Remind app to let students and parents know about assignments and tests. My kids schools also use the canvas app (IOS and android) for turning in homework

It’s important that people are aware that kids honestly do need phones. If there is an emergency they need to be able to make contact with their parents. A phone can be an opportunity to get information that you need to know or learn something. A cell phone can be helpful with homework, turning things in, or even learning how to do and understand the homework. Without a cell phone, everything would be so much more difficult than it has to be.