Music to be Murdered By: Album Review

Music to be Murdered By: Album Review

Maura Obrien, Montage Writer

Music to be Murdered By. Before you even hear the contents of the music the name of the album is an instant head-turner. After Kamikazee dropped we didn’t expect an album from the rapper Eminem anytime soon, but on January 17th the rapper dropped some new heat. As described by many reviews it’s unlike anything else he has ever released before, many have called it a masterpiece. Although the overwhelming flow of positive reviews has came in so have the bad. Some describe it as “repetitive and same old same old.”

After listening to the album on repeat throughout my day, I think Godzilla is definitely the best song or at least my favorite. I went to the population of Fivay to find out the favs of other students.

“I like Godzilla. It has a good beat and it’s something I can play in the car when I’m on aux.” Emily Joliff (’23) said,

Not many other students had heard the full album and had only heard Godzilla which sits in the number two spot for top hits on many platforms. The feature of the artist Juice Wrld, who has just recently passed on Godzilla is what I believe one of the main reasons this specific song shoots up onto the top of the charts. Here is my rating from favorite to least of the top songs from the album.

2.In Too Deep
3.Those Kinda Nights
6.You gon’ learn.

No matter what the rapper Eminem is an extraordinary artist and the album is something you can put on in the car on your way to work Or even put it on while you’re in the shower. It’s a get that stuff done kind of album, it’s empowering!