The Dangers of Using TikTok: How Vulnerable are You to Hackers?

Brianna Phillips, News Writer

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App users should be more aware of the issues

TikTok is an entertainment platform where users share videos to the internet. In the three years after the app launched in September 2016, TikTok has approximately 500 million active users. Using an app that has 500 million users makes other users vulnerable to hackers, and that’s exactly what happened. There’s been stories on TikTok being hacked in January 2020.

Many TikTok users didn’t even know the app got hacked, and this is information the users need to know to ensure their safety and privacy. Sources online say to update your software to prevent hackers from getting your information, but would that really stop hackers? Some people believe TikTok should use a two-step verification to ensure their safety while using the app.

“I never even knew the app was hacked. I still think the app is worth using, after all it wasn’t TikTok’s intention to be hacked” Korbin Daniel (‘21), A daily TikTok user, said. “I still think the app is worth using, after all it wasn’t TikTok’s intention to be hacked.”

Many students at Fivay high school use TikTok for entertainment purposes, some say they will continue using the app, they feel as if apps aren’t 100 percent safe and non-preventable so they might as well keep using it.

“There’s nothing I can do about TikTok being hacked in reality, and I don’t use it that often anyways,” Anthony Rudy (‘20) said.

Some students don’t know how they feel about using an app that has gotten hacked, and possibly having the risk of their information being leaked to hackers. Just having an account makes you a potential target for hackers, they can track your IP address and see exactly where you are in the world. Companies need to do everything in their power to ensure hackers don’t get to their users, and protect their information to the best of their ability. Knowing that your information could possibly be out there is a scary thing. They also need to inform users when their account might be getting hacked, so they are aware of what is happening when it does.

“Using an app that got hacked is kind of scary because hackers can track you,” Christina Rivera (‘22) said.

So in the end some people think it’s okay to continue using TikTok, some didn’t know about the risks an app being hacked has, but hopefully this helps open people’s eyes to the dangers of the world.